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Lomi lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance, to restore energy and soothe the body. It is also known as the 'loving hands' massage. This name helps to explain its principles - the massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. Lomi lomi works from the belief that memories are not just stored in the brain and mind, but also in every cell of the human body. The long, continuous strokes of the massage are designed to help the body let go of its old patterns and behaviours, which can cause as many stresses and strains as muscle tension.

Combined with my intuition, I create comforting and therapeutic treatments, that are unique and customised, to provide a truly healing experience, for each client. With my love of living aloha, I believe that the healing art of Lomi Lomi can benefit everyone. I am soulfully passionate about the maintenance of one's self and believe that regular massage therapy and bodywork, done by the right person, contributes to a person's overall wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

Lava Shells Massage uses the Tiger Clam shells and is greatly enjoyable for anyone with tense muscles, as the heat from the Lava Shells will gently relax and smooth away knots. The Lava Shells owe their magic to a mix of minerals including dried sea kelp, dead seasalt, algae and essential oils. The heated shells also give off calcium ions, which transfers to your skin during the massage. Calcium can help to firm and regenerate the skin - a nice bonus.

An alternative to the popular hot stone massage spa treatment, the Lava Shell can radiate heat for up to an hour, allowing your therapist to provide a continuous and seamless warm full body massage.

Completely Relax with a unique Lava Shell Massage treatment of which Phoenix Rising Therapies is one of the few spas around Brisbane who are qualified and offer this treatment. The combination of warmth and flowing movements deeply soothes your muscles, leaving you feeling completely relaxed, invigorated and de-stressed. The clams have been harvested for food in the Philippines for hundreds of years. This tranquil massage uses the world’s first self-heating massage tool and the heat is produced by inserting a ‘lava gel sachet’ and ‘activator liquid’ into the shell.

Aromatherapy massage is used with a blend of oils as a healing technique designed just for your needs to promote health and well-being. Each oil has its own unique characteristics and benefits. For thousands of years essential oils have aided in relaxation, improved circulation and helped the healing of wounds.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for certain benefits. Examples include lavender, orange and bergamot, and eucalyptus. These “aromas” are all plant-based derivatives from herbs, tree extracts, and flowers. Essential oils are extremely concentrated so to be used correctly they should be diluted into milder oils, humidifiers, or lotions.

The overall purpose of aromatherapy is meant to improve your physical and mental well-being.

Aromatherapy massage is used for a variety of different reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and improved mood. These are also some of the basic benefits of massage therapy. Adding essential oils is thought to enhance such benefits.

Soothe away tensions in your upper body, with a half body massage. Immerse in total serenity with a back, neck and shoulder massage. An ideal treatment for those who work in front of a computer all day. With deep tissue techniques to help release muscle tension built up by stress, this ensures you will once again feel relaxed and invigorated.

If you’ve never had a massage before or you’re not used to going to the spa often, getting a full body massage is great for beginners. People who get the typical 50 to 90 minutes of a full body massage often like the results. And depending on your preferences, a full body massage can be as slow and gentle or vigorous and intense as you want it to be.

Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness and enhancing overall health and well-being. Mind and body practices focus on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behaviour.