Phoenix Rising Wellness Centre

Why Choose Us

In today's fast paced world, it is necessary for women to disconnect and take time to revitalise mind, body & spirit with a therapist that is truly in tune with your needs.

What to expect;

We discuss any areas of pain or concern in the body, also any areas of concern in your emotional life, together deciding on the best healing session for you, your body, mind and soul.

When receiving Ka Huna Bodywork and Lomi Lomi Massage, you lie face down on the massage table, straight onto the table with a light sheet underneath you. You are covered with a sarong and I begin with a connection to spirit, then massage, using my forearms and palms, with lots of oil. The repetitive motion lulls you into a deep level of relaxation.

Underbody moves are performed during the 60-90 minute massage and are deeply cleansing.

Following the massage you are gently brought back from relaxation, given Hawaiian tea, and allowed time for integration. The energy of this massage will be working on you for the next three days, so remember to take it easy and drink lots of water.

We all live in an extremely stressful and hectic world, which can influence our total being. Reiki helps control how our mind body and spirit responds both internally and externally to the often negative and destructive external stimuli from our world. If applied regularly, Reiki will reduce the extreme highs and lows of life, gradually leading to a new balanced existence. When you receive your first Attunement, energy will start to flow through your body at the thought of healing. You will also start a 21 day cleansing and detoxification cycle through the chakras. The Reiki attunement has a powerful healing influence on the mind body and spirit, activating the seven major chakras, beginning with the root and ending at the crown chakra — each one taking approximately twenty-four hours. This happens three times.

You may not be aware of this depending on how fit and healthy you are and your level of mindfulness. Your body is preparing you for healing. When the toxins are out of your system your body can work at its ultimate level for healing. Your whole system will be readjusted and re-balanced.

All of our healing sessions are provided in a quiet environment, with peaceful, meditative music, crystal alignments, and aromatherapy oils. Experience service with kindness, respect and simple common courtesy. All we ask is that you relax and enjoy the experience.

In addition to our Massage and Healing sessions, Phoenix Rising Wellness Centre promotes Meditation Circles, Gratitude Circles for children, teens and adults, workshops and classes and so much more.

All massages generally fall under the alternative medicine umbrella. They are becoming a popular complementary therapy for many conditions, in both adults and children alike. Anyone who is experiencing muscle tension and pain, insomnia, or stress may benefit from massage therapy.


Our mission is to promote relaxation, stress relief and a pain free lifestyle though therapeutic massage and bodywork, while supporting you in healing yourself holistically. Our focus is to provide natural solutions as well as education that ultimately result in helping you realise optimum health and happiness.


Our vision is to create a better everyday life,

for as many people as we can.